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Nourish their talents.


For beginners, lessons start with development of beginning technique, musical development, and age appropriate improvisation and composition. I keep track of notes, assignments, and resource recordings using the app Google Keep, which is a digital note taking system that automatically updates for both users - students instantly have access to materials from the lesson, can write down questions for me, see their lesson notes, and use uploaded recordings to listen and play along with, all in one place! 

Once a student is well into their musical and technical development, I work with the Piano Adventures series by Faber, which has so many interesting and well-sequenced pieces of music that students of any age will enjoy. For my violin students, I combine the Suzuki Method (the gold-standard of violin pedagogy) with American improvisational tunes to help students develop their own sound. However, I am a firm believer that the teacher is the method, not the book, and will tailor each students’ lessons and repertoire to their needs and interests.


I teach students as young as 4, and my oldest student is currently 89! For students age 4-6, parental support is crucial for the first few lessons to help develop a habit of staying focused. For this age range I usually suggest two, 30 minute lessons per week to help keep development occurring at a substantial pace, but will also work with one, 30 minute lesson per week if that is your preference. Students  from 7-11 years of age should have 30-45 minute lessons, and students 12-above should have 45-60 minute lessons once a week. With music, there is a lot of ground to cover, and the more time the student has with a teacher, the better. 

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You can do it, too!

Teaching Adults is an incredible opportunity for me - I love to do it. When working with adults, the lessons are geared towards breaking down the life-so-far habits that may be getting in the way, and then setting off on the path of success. It requires discipline, consistent application, understanding of how we learn as humans, and a lot of fun along the way. I have had so many incredible adult students, whether they were just beginning or coming in for a touch-up, and I would love to opportunity to work with you, too. You can do it. I will help. For adult beginners students, I recommend 45 minutes once a week.

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I currently have room for 3 students in my studio. Once those spots are filled, I will begin taking submissions for my wait-list. Wait-listed students usually have to wait 1 to 2 Academic years for an opening. This section is regularly updated.

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Billing is a flat rate per month. Current Prices:

30 Minute Lessons: $180/month

45 Minute Lessons: $270/month

60 Minute Lessons $360/Month

23/24 School Year has 40 lessons

In addition to your weekly lessons 2 Recitals, free of charge.

Per-Lesson Rate:

30 Minute: $45/lesson

45 Minute:  $67.50/lesson

60 Minute: $90/Lesson

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