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The Student Comes First

My teaching philosophy begins with the simple idea that I am here to help every student grow as a musician, and most importantly, as a human. Learning an instrument is hard work. It requires commitment and focus. But, that commitment and focus becomes amplified when a teacher cares enough to work patiently through the details while having the heart to see the individual behind the instrument. I’m a firm believer that as a teacher, I am a steady guide AND every students’ biggest fan.

 I am determined to be picky about the details. I am also determined to being so encouraging that every student discovers both confidence and support in lessons. Part of this philosophy is that I consider myself always “available” for questions. I encourage all my students to reach out whenever they need to, with texts or videos, and I set aside time to respond so that they can succeed outside lessons.  

Students who set goals will succeed. Part of lesson time is always spent setting and reviewing goals for the upcoming week, which can vary anywhere from time practiced, to techniques achieved, to listening and historical assignments. 

I believe a large part of being a confident musician means to develop a well-rounded set of skills. A student should learn how to dictate rhythms and transpose from an early age. They should have a solid foundation in technique. They should be sensitive to dynamic contrast and articulations. I also teach students to write their own songs and improvise as early as possible. Through all of these things, music becomes a language. 

Each and every student I’ve taught has had a unique skill set.  A skill set that, when cultivated and encouraged, becomes incredible. As a teacher, I am so lucky to be able to help students discover and tend to these individual strengths, guide them through their fears, simplify their difficulties, and help find their own musical voice and courage.

If you have any questions about your violin lessons or piano lessons, beginner intermediate or advanced, child or adult, please reach out!

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